24 November 2022

BRL 2020-1 and BRL 2020-2 published binding

In September 2021 a working group was formed to start a revision of BRL 2020-1 and BRL 2020-2. The most important changes were:

  • Another approach for the requirements for tensile strength and elongation at break,
  • Another interpretation of the results of the stress relaxation test.

By December 2021 the working group agreed on the changes and the College of Experts agreed to publish the revised Guidelines for comments. On the 22nd of December the revised documents were published for comments. After receiving and processing of the received comments the college of Experts determined the revised documents on the 11th of March. This was followed by the KOMO quality and Assessment committee on the 14th of June 2022. The Assessment Guidelines were declared binding by the Kiwa on the 8th of September 2022

Below a short overview of the changes in each guideline:


If you have any questions regarding this revision, please contact: Hans van der Meer (hans.van.der.meer@kiwa.com).