3 February 2023

BRL K535 published for comments

Referring to the minutes of the Board of Expert dated 09 December 2022 on agenda item 2230-a en b,

Kiwa publishes the Concept BRL K535, Evaluation Guideline for the Kiwa product certificate for lubricants for rubber seals, dated 01-02-2023 for corrections and comments.

Until March 15, 2023, BRL will be under commenting period at Kiwa Nederland B.V..

The main changes are:

  • A different approach to the requirement and test method for microbiological requirements;
  • Another test method for the friction reducing effect;
  • Addition of TPE seals into account for the testing the effect on rubber;
  • Removal of maximum pH requirement.

Submitting corrections and comments

For your comments on the BRL K535 dated 01-02-2023, please use the document "Comment list ". You can submit your comments before March 15, 2023 by post or by email to:

Kiwa Netherlands B.V.
Attn. Mr. Hans van der Meer
Email: hans.van.der.meer@kiwa.com
PO box 70
2280 AB Rijswijk

Comments received after the aforementioned closing date will be considered unsubmitted.