22 May 2024

BRL-K14041 published for criticism

As of May 21, 2024 the newly drawn up BRL-K14041 is published for criticism.
BRL-K14041 contains requirements for a product certificate for "Delivery sets”.
This new BRL contains:

  • Product requirements for delivery sets;
  • Suitability requirements for contact with drinking water;
  • References so that this BRL meets the accreditation requirements of BS EN ISO 17065;

Submission of criticism

The Board of Experts (CWK) take a 6 weeks deadline into account starting from the date of this publication for criticism. Interested parties are invited to send their criticism on this concept evaluation guideline within the specified period using the comment form attached and send it by email to the contact below.

More info

For more information please contact:

Kiwa Netherlands
Mrs. A.M. van Vliet - Hoek
E NL.CLA.DWP@kiwa.com
T +31 (0)88 998 4648