19 July 2022

Revised BRL 52200 published for review

There is a new version of the guideline BRL 52200 ‘Kunststofleidingsystemen voor vrij verval buitenriolering – PVC-U’. This revised version was recently circulated for reviewing. Comments on the draft version can be passed on to Kiwa until 12 September at the latest.

Compared to the current version of the BRL 52200 (version 2017), the BRL 52200 2022 contains a number of changes. The most important of these are:

  • Updated to the new KOMO template;
  • The underlying NEN-EN 1401-1:2009 has been updated to 2019;
  • Chapter 4, 2nd paragraph ‘Performing tests according to CEN/TS 1401-2’ has been added;
  • Chapter 4 3rd paragraph ‘Measurement tolerances’ has been added;
  • Chapter 4 4th paragraph ‘Temperature at testing on location’ has been added;
  • 4.2.1 ‘Colour’ has been added;
  • 3.1.4 ‘Adhesive connections’ has been added;
  • 4.3 ‘Changes’ has been added;
  • 4.4 Testmatrix revised because of ‘witness’-tests (IKB clarified);
  • 5.5 ‘Archive’ has been added;
  • 6.5 ‘Temporary no production or delivery’ has been added.

Submit comments

The Board of Experts CvD-LSK (Leidingsystemen van Kunststof, Plastic Pipe Systems) takes into account a review period of eight weeks from the date of this publication. Interested parties are invited to submit a review of this draft BRL by 12 September at the latest. The draft BRL 52200 2022, the current version 2017 and the comment list can be found under 'Downloads'. Please send your review (by using the comment list) by e-mail to: ppd@kiwa.nl.

More information

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