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Virtual tours: take a step inside the lab of Kiwa

Have you always been curious to what our lab looks like? How we operate it? And which people work in it? We have great news! You can now virtually walk through our laboratory and receive an explanation from the staff members with each part of the lab. This will give you unique insights on our inspection, training and testing facilities. Choose one of the options below and see it yourself:

  • Hydrogen Experience Centre

    Kiwa and energy network provider Alliander have jointly built the Netherlands’ first hydrogen demo house. The Hydrogen Experience Centre is a test and demo location set up as a residential home which is also used as a training location for heating mechanics and engineers.

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  • EMC lab

    Kiwa’s brand new EMC lab is equiped with start-of-the-art facilities to test the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of a wide range of electronic devices. The laboratory has three anechoic rooms and five shielded rooms, each with a specific set-up.

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  • Gas blending station

    To be able to test with (sustainable) gases, we have our own gas blending station. Here we are able to store and blend gases, and test high load boilers without resulting into gas supply issues.

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  • Road testing

    Kiwa has advanced measuring vehicles for measuring the properties of larger road areas. This makes it possible to measure, among other things, the skid resistance of the road surface and the road texture. Check out our measuring vehicles online?

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  • Electrical safety lab

    Kiwa's accredited electrical safety lab provides testing facilities for a wide variety of product specific standards. Our markets include fire and smoke, household appliances, light industrial equipment and machinery, electronic toys and games.

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  • Heat pump lab

    Kiwa’s state-of-the-art heat pump lab in Apeldoorn, Netherlands provides heat pump product and component testing. The lab has temperature controlled rigs to test air source, ground source and gas-fired heat pumps and offers an accredited heat pump test service.

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  • Fire Safety & Security lab

    From their innovative test facilities in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Kiwa’s experienced experts in the field of Fire Safety & Security (FSS) provide test services for fire protection and security products such in accordance with applicable quality standards.

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  • Technology lab

    Kiwa is your Partner for Progress in the field of sustainable energy and water supply systems and quality assessments of products, processes, organisations and people. From our well-equipped research and test facilities we help our customers with reliable and future-proof solutions.

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  • Automotive lab

    Kiwa helps its partners to make the transport sector more sustainable. Manufacturers of, among other things, tanks for cars running on hydrogen can contact us for testing advanced fuel tanks and components. Want to have an online look in our automotive lab?

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  • Asphalt and pavement materials lab

    In Kiwa's brand new test lab for materials for roads and other pavements, civil engineering and environmental hygiene research is carried out into asphalt and other pavement materials. The cement setting speed can also be measured here. Learn all about it in our virtual tour!

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  • Webinar Studio Apeldoorn

    Webinar Studio Apeldoorn is a multifunctional film studio where you can make professional video recordings and broadcasts, together with experienced filmmakers and with the latest equipment. Want to take an online look behind the scenes of Webinar Studio Apeldoorn?

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