Man performing inspection in 1962
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How KOMO set the stage for Kiwa’s work in construction

In 1957, Kiwa was tasked with the centralized testing of materials for the Association of Directors of Public Works. For this purpose, they introduced the KOMO quality mark. On 23 August 1962 the deed of incorporation of the KOMO (Stichting Keuring en Onderzoek van Materialen voor Openbare Werken) Foundation for the Inspection and Investigation of Materials for Public Works was signed.

Kiwa carried out an increasing number of inspections at customers’ request on products like concrete pipes, concrete tiles and kerb stones for public works were being delivered under the KOMO quality mark. In late 1968, Kiwa began testing PE refuse bags under the KOMO quality mark in accordance with the requirements of the TNO Institute. The bags delivered by the factories were provided with the KOMO logo, the name of the factory and, where appropriate, the name or coat of arms of the municipality concerned.

In addition to the work involved in inspections and checking products and materials produced under the Kiwa, GIVEG and KOMO quality marks, Kiwa also carried out incidental orders, mainly for big supply pipelines. For example:

  • The 36” steel pipeline from Europoort to Venlo, with a length of 126 m
  • The placement of underground pipes through the River Lek for the water supply pipeline from Andelse Maas to the Hague Dune Waterworks (Haagse Duinwaterleiding) in Bergambacht