75 Years of Trust

Kiwa has officially been around since 1948. Our Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services have grown to cover numerous markets and help thousands of customers around the world progress. But how did that come to be? Explore our timeline and read about some of the highlights. 

Kiwa N.V. has grown from a small extension of the Dutch drinking water sector in 1948 to a renowned international testing, inspection and certification company that works across industries.  

Looking back over the decades, it is possible to watch Kiwa evolve into a versatile body, bringing in research and consultancy and branching out into new sectors: construction, sport, environment and more. Starting in Germany, Belgium, Italy and the UK, Kiwa spread around the world, setting up offices and forging partnerships globally. 

Changes to the organization have shaped Kiwa into what it is today, and the number of employees has fluctuated with spin-offs like Kiwa Water Research and many acquisitions. In the early years, hundreds of shareholders controlled the public company; more recently, Kiwa has been strengthened as a private company that has majority shareholders with aligned goals, giving management and employees a greater say in Kiwa’s future. 

We look towards that future with pride and confidence – a future that is built on decades of experience, expertise and partnership. It is valuable – as well as interesting and entertaining – to revisit those years and follow the path Kiwa has taken. We hope you enjoy the journey. 

Kiwa: we create trust

A journey spanning decades

  • 1949

    Kiwa’s work in the early years focused on steel and cast-iron pipes and the protection of water quality. Get a glimpse into the world of pipes.

  • 1950

    The Kiwa mark has been a sign of quality since the very beginning, and it has come in many guises depending on the product, factory, approach and more. Follow its evolution here.

  • 1962

    Tasked with the centralized testing of materials for the Association of Directors of Public Works, Kiwa introduced the KOMO quality mark for building materials. Follow its growth here.

  • 1978

    With research in full flow and inspections broadening in their remit, Kiwa relied on its Workshop for instruments, fittings, testing facilities and measuring equipment. See some of the hardware.

  • 1990

    As Kiwa’s work in the water, construction and environmental sectors became more versatile, the company needed a more fitting name: Kiwa N.V. Explore this period of change.

  • 1993

    The Dutch Rowing Association was the recipient of Kiwa’s first sports sponsorship, and Kiwa donated a new boat to help the Holland Eight go for gold. See the team and their medal here.

  • 1997

    CE Marking ensures products sold in the European Union meet certain requirements. In 1997, the Dutch government appointed Kiwa as a Notified Body for CE Marking – find out more here.

  • 1998

    During five years of global expansion, Kiwa branched out to Belgium, Germany, the UK, China and more. Take the journey with us here.

  • 2004

    Kiwa management decides to further expand internationally, and growth continued in all Kiwa countries. Explore some of our international projects here.

  • 2005

    Kiwa expands services to several new markets, including automotive, machine building, medical products and food in Germany, and gas technology through the incorporation of Gastec in the Netherlands, the UK and Italy. Read about Gastec here.

  • 2008

    The Kiwa Beaver appears, standing for Kiwa’s sound nature, dynamic markets, professional attitude and straightforwardness. Meet the beaver here.

  • 2010

    Our portfolio expands into new markets, including roofs and façades, fire safety and security, and sports venues. Explore some of these markets and the services Kiwa offers.

  • 2015

    Inspecta, the largest TIC company in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Poland, joins the Kiwa Group, boosting Kiwa’s inspection of industrial installations, mining equipment, oil, gas and chemicals and marine equipment. Discover Inspecta.

  • 2017

    A new global corporate identity for Kiwa brings the group together, with a visible consistency that supports the company’s continued growth. Take a look at the brand evolution.

  • 2021

    Kiwa joins SHV – a family-owned international company that – alongside Makro, ERIKS, Mammoet and more. Another surge in acquisitions and global expansion takes Kiwa to the international PV market, the cyber security and fire safety sectors, agri-food in Poland, construction in Australia and more. Explore it all here.

  • 2022

    Corporate social responsibility has been high on Kiwa’s agenda for many years, both within the company and as a service to clients. Explore our work in this area.

In 2023 Kiwa celebrates that we are 75 years committed to a safer and more sustainable world and we are determined to support you, your company and society with the same energy in the next coming 75 years.
Luc Leroy, CEO Kiwa

Creating trust, now and in the future

We decided to accelerate Kiwa’s growth rate to provide our customers with the best possible services in a wide variety of markets.

Thanks to the customer focus, expertise, energy, efficiency and creativity of all employees in our Kiwa Group, we are convinced that our successful approach will ensure an excellent reputation, innovative services, a strong market position, robust growth and solid results in years to come.

As desire and need for proof of trustworthiness increase and globalize, Kiwa’s short- and mid-term business strategy focuses on expansion, both in service portfolio, markets and geographical network. In doing so, we’ll find the right balance between ‘local density’ and ‘global-scale service delivery’ to customers. We intend to make yet another leap forward to remain an independent TIC player of considerable stature.

Addition of companies and alliances in various niches and countries will drive this growth. With the center of gravity still being in Europe, we will further strengthen our position in other regions including North America and rapidly evolving Manufacturing and Exporting Countries, like in Latin America and in the Asia-Pacific region.

No one knows what the future holds. But Kiwa’s decentralized structure allows us to quickly adapt to local and international circumstances and develop ments. Given the solid results over the past years and our firm strategy for the next few years, we look at Kiwa’s future prospects with confidence.