Man inspecting quality of football field with ISA equipment
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Roofs, security and sports: acquisition takes Kiwa to new markets

From 2010, Kiwa made a number of acquisitions that would take the company into new markets.


BDA Groep (2010) – comprising BDA Geveladvies B.V., BDA Dakadvies B.V. and the BDA Keuringsinstituut B.V., this is a full-service knowledge and quality company for all branches of the construction industry; the collaboration with Kiwa guarantees the continuity of the reputable quality certification marks issued by Kiwa, BDA and KOMO.
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Property and vehicle security and safety

NCP Certification, SCM Certification and CertoPlan (2011) – these CED business units joined Kiwa as a new department along with colleagues from Fire Safety & Security. NCP specialised in certification in the field of fire safety and burglary prevention and SCM in vehicle security and tracking systems. CertoPlan administered examinations in the field of (fire) safety. Kiwa Nederland B.V. and CED Certification B.V. then combined their tasks in burglary prevention and fire safety for immovable property and vehicle security. The certification services are carried out under the name Kiwa CED Certification B.V.

Fire safety

Fire and Prevention Service Institute (Brand- en Preventie Service Instituut, BPSI) (2011) – an accredited type A inspection institute that specialises in fire safety installations and conducts a broad spectrum of inspections.
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ISA Sport (Sports Accommodations Institute, Instituut voor Sportaccommodaties) (2011) – market leader in the testing, inspecting and certifying of sports floors, such as synthetic fields, recognized by many Dutch and international sports associations.
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