Dutch Rowing Team in action
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Powering Dutch rowing through sponsorship


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Just before the Dutch rowing team the Holland Eight completed their first race, the ‘Head of the River’ in Amsterdam, Kiwa’s Director of Research and Consultancy ir. Frans Schulting heard a cry of distress and decided to support the team.

The Holland Eight had been formed by experienced single sculler Nico Rienks, and they were going for gold at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. They needed a new boat, which Kiwa donated.

In 1993, Kiwa signed a four-year sponsorship contract with the Dutch Rowing Association – the company’s first ever sports sponsorship. Prince Willem Alexander baptised the new boat during the Holland Beker Regatta in June 1995.

Olympic gold medal.jpg

On 28 July 1996, the result that everyone had worked so hard for was achieved: the Holland Eight took home the Olympic gold medal.