Man performing equipment inspection in 1978
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Equipping inspectors: Kiwa’s Workshop

The Kiwa Workshop produced a wide variety of instruments, fittings, testing facilities and measuring equipment for Kiwa’s two main Departments.

The Kiwa Workshop

The Workshop had the very latest equipment, instruments and machinery

Life test device for non-return valves

Kiwa was anticipating developments in the European normalization of taps, in which it played an important role. In 1976-7, the Workshop completed equipment for durability tests with spindle taps and testing equipment for check valves.

Life test device for non-return valves.jpg

Biological monitoring system

The Workshop built a biological monitoring system for the Research Department, comprised of flow tanks in which fish were swimming. If the toxicological quality of the water was insufficient, the fish triggered an alarm through their swimming behavior.
Pictured: Dr C.L.M. Poels operating the biological monitoring system; detail of flow-through aquarium with two trout.

Biological monitoring system.jpg

Plastic pipe bursting tests

A warm-water basin with a capacity of 4,200 liters was installed in 1977 to carry out bursting tests for plastic pipes.

Inspecting concrete kerb stones

The right angles of the corner stones are checked using an angle gauge developed by Kiwa.

Inspecting concrete kerb stones.jpg