The Kiwa Beaver dancing playfully
2 min


Meet the Kiwa Beaver

Kiwa’s logo gained a new feature in 2008: a stylized beaver. The Kiwa beaver reflects Kiwa’s sound nature, our dynamic markets, our professional attitude and our straightforwardness. The beaver is inextricably linked to many of our values. We have always worked with water, just like the beaver. Furthermore, beavers are known for constructing dams, much in the same way we work – albeit alongside many other sectors – for the construction industry. A beaver will only be found in a healthy natural environment, which is exactly what Kiwa provides many services for. The efficiency the beaver employs in cooperating and organizing its activities also set it apart from other creatures. And finally, the beaver is a landscape architect, as he takes out trees to make room for new flora. He brings about progress in nature. The beaver is a steady, friendly and hard-working creature. Just like us at Kiwa.