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Kiwa projects around the world

Under the new leadership of Paul Hesselink and a renewed growth strategy, Kiwa’s international expansion surged. Here are some of the international projects the company was involved in.

Inspecting Giant Tanks, 2007

Stalen tanks.jpg

The company Holvrieka in Sneek, the Netherlands, asked Kiwa to inspect the production facilities and eight enormous tanks used for storing vegetable and animal oils and fats and high-grade oleochemical products. The tanks, which were more than 8 meters tall and 20 meters in diameter, had a storage capacity of 1,000 cubic meters.

Testing fuel cells, 2010

Gas Terra.jpg

(L-R) NAME, Frank Obernitz from CFCL, Jur Kruger from Gas Terra (photographer: Edmund Fennema from Kiwa)

A fuel cell generates electric energy and heat using natural gas. The heat generated is used to heat the home and tap water, and the electricity can be used by the occupants or delivered to the grid. Kiwa Gas Technology worked with Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd to test their CFCL fuel cells in the lab and field. Kiwa’s Gas Appliances Unit also developed a broad program of fuel cells on behalf of Gas Terra, to evaluate and test the technology.

Monitoring the Airport Fuel Line, 2008

Airport lifeline.jpg

The hundreds of thousands of liters of kerosene needed for refueling at Schiphol every day reach the airport through a single underground pipeline between Oil Tanking Amsterdam BV and Aircraft Fuel Supply BV at Schiphol. The pipeline is 16 kilometers long and 16 inches in diameter. Kiwa took on responsibility for the pipeline, including handling KLIC alerts to prevent damage to the pipeline by third-party ground works, checking the entire trajectory every 14 days, scouring the vicinity for activities that may affect the line, and taking measurements to maintain safe levels of cathodic protection.

Testing Gas Efficiency, 2010


Kiwa Guangzhou’s biggest order to date involved the construction of an Efficiency Gas Test Rig for Vanward, one of China’s largest manufacturers of domestic gas appliances. Another identical test rig was built for Kiwa China itself, boosting its service and market portfolio.

Certifying Pig Farms, 2011

Pig farm certification.jpg

After a media scandal showing animal suffering on pig farms, a new certification scheme was launched in Sweden, enabling farmers to prove their concern for animal welfare. Grundcertifiering Gris covers issues ranging from stall size and hygiene to medical treatment for sick animals. Kiwa Areana certified 425 of the 1,150 applications in 2011.

Breaking into Glass Certification, 2009

Kiwa Nordic certified two subsidiaries of GFAB (Glasfabriken), one of the largest producers of glass in Sweden and well known throughout Scandinavia. Both companies have been tested and certified for the production of safety glass in accordance with European requirements, making GFAB the first Scandinavian company with a Kiwa certification certificate for safety glass.

Building IKEA’s Testing and Certification, 2008

IKEA, the world’s largest Swedish furniture retailer, introduced bathroom products, varying from sinks and cabinets to shelves and taps, in 2008. Kiwa Nordic and Kiwa’s Sanitary Appliances Expert Centre developed the testing and certification procedures for these products, which apply to IKEA’s quality standards. IKEA began offering a 10-year ‘Everyday Quality Guarantee’, which covered defects in material and workmanship.

Regenerating a Contaminated Site, 2009

Just a stone’s throw away from the Canal du Midi in the center of Toulouse, France, a stretch of land lay fallow for 20 years. The reason? Industrial activities, now long gone, left a legacy of heavy metals. Kiwa Germany’s Analytiklabor in Berlin lent expertise to the redevelopment project, and the once desolate part of the city was transformed into a vibrant residential and business district with schools, shops and some 1,400 apartments.

Certifying Companies in Suriname, 2010


Reza Abdoelrazak (right) awarding the ICT company Solve-IT

After taking part in a trade mission to Suriname in 2009, Kiwa got involved with the PLOS2 quality project, which was initiated by the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation (PLOS) in line with the Surinamese government's vision of striving for stable economic development. Kiwa awarded nine companies with ISO 9001 certification.