18 augustus 2019

BSC Infrastructure Road Testing newsletter

Herewith you receive the first BSC Infrastructure Road Testing newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you take part in one of the Road Testing subprojects, because the Road Testing projects can be of interest for you or are related to your own activities or customer network. Or just because you showed interest in Road Testing in the past.

From now on this newsletter will be published each two months and will keep you up to date about what is happening in the different countries in the field of Road Testing. Hopefully this inspires you in joining the Road Testing projects and make optimum use of the possibilities Road Testing can offer you in expanding your business and helping your clients.

If you have any subjects regarding Road Testing you think are important or just interesting for your colleagues please let us know by clicking here! Maybe you will read your own subject in our next newsletter.

Do you have any Kiwa colleague who did not receive this newsletter but to whom it would be interesting? Don’t hesitate to forward your copy to this person and ask him or her to subscribe to this newsletter. Then the next one will be send automatically.