Working at Kiwa: Albo van Hateren

Albo van Hateren (27) currently works as Business Development & Strategy Consultant at Kiwa. “During the period after my study I realized that I knew a lot about theory and research, but I lacked practical business experience. Also, I always wanted to be involved in something technical, in combination with a lot of hands on business experience. So a role as Account Manager at Kiwa Technology, our research division, in which I could build a new line of international business was a perfect start.”

Since he started in 2014, Albo has already made quite a few career steps at Kiwa. “After my job as Account Manager, I became Business Developer for the Service Line Assurance and now I’m a Corporate Business Development & Strategy Consultant.”

Diversity in work

“What I really like about working at Kiwa, is the diversity of our work, our customers, our departments and our people. Through the way we grew, every piece of Kiwa has its own history and stories. Every week I still learn and find a new gem and I’m one of the guys who should know most bits and pieces of Kiwa! Additionally, even though we all have different backgrounds, there is one thing in common: the ability and possibility to develop yourself and Kiwa. We are not a standard corporate company with many predefined paths, you have to make your own path, but there are plenty of opportunities to do so. You just have to be aware of the possibilities or create your own.”

Have an impact

Being involved is very important when you work at Kiwa; if you are truly engaged, you can make the most of your abilities and have an impact on our customers, our company and your fellow colleagues. And in the end, you contribute to a better world.”

“I travel a lot, collaborate with a lot of interesting and energizing people for a company which ensures a safer and more sustainable place to live in. And I have the opportunity to develop myself and this company. This gives me a lot of energy.”