Who is Kiwa Agri Food?

With our expertise in food safety & security, animal welfare, organic production and animal feed our aim is to support your business in producing high-quality, safe products that your customers can buy with confidence.

Kiwa offers global certification, verification and (production and equipment) control services to help you as a retailer, supplier or a farmer, to build customer confidence. Working with you, we design, apply, audit and monitor protocols that provide assurance throughout the entire international food supply chain - from farm to fork.

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Let Kiwa Agri Food help

What do we do?


Kiwa Agri Food provides friendly and efficient BRCGS certification for businesses, small and large. Pre-assessments are also available. We offer second- and third-party audits, as well as being a UK Certification Body for the delivery of the McDonalds SQMS audits.

As part of an international organisation we coordinate global food, feed and farm certification requirements through a single contact point. We are proud to be the sole Certification Body for the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) delivering certification in food, feed and fertiliser.


Kiwa Training provide an array of training courses across multiple industries. Our highly qualified trainers provide classroom, bespoke and online training, for Feed, BRCGS, HACCP, TACCP & VACCP, internal auditing and CPC.

As a Highfield Training approved training provider we also offer other courses.

We have multiple e-learning courses, including our suite of pest awareness courses as well as within health and safety sector.


Kiwa Independent Pest Consultants (KIPC) is Europe’s leading independent pest management consultancy working with many of the biggest food industries both in the UK and overseas, providing forensic technical inspection, and assurance.