Working at Kiwa: Giulia Botta

Giulia Botta (32) works as Certification Engineer, Operation Manager and International Projects Leader at Kiwa. “While completing my PhD in innovative systems for renewable energy production and storage, I discovered my interests were broader than science and technical aspects behind technologies. I get excited seeing people, ideas and projects becoming successful, especially when they benefit the world at large. Therefore I decided to join Kiwa. I want to do something that has immediate effect on business and society. Working at Kiwa enables me to do so.”

Open to open minds

“What I like about Kiwa is its open mindedness to my solutions for projects and process execution. I believe fresh thinkers are necessary to find creative solutions to face tough issues. Kiwa is actively seeking young creative employees with this kind of attitude. I really like that.”

Space to grow

“Everybody can actively contribute to the overall success of the company. No matter what your function title is, you are encouraged to express your opinion. Kiwa is also engaged in our personal growth, for example I have been included in our Talent Development Program and I have received  support and mentorship from my experienced colleagues. Kiwa is also helping me to grow via ‘learning by doing’, which means I have the opportunity to fully express and implement my ideas.”

Contribute to a better world

“Kiwa is an inspiring and successful international company that generates trust for organizations, their products and their services. What I really like about being part of Kiwa is that we are working on things that contribute something to this world. Besides that, I also appreciate the importance given to our customers. I truly enjoy working closely with our customers and I’m proud of the relationships that I’ve already built with our clients, both locally and internationally.”