Reports and Suggestions

Kiwa Cermet Italia takes into account its relationships with customer, the other stakeholders and all those who have direct or indirect interest with the conformity assessment activities provided, considering them as critically important. In this section of our website, anyone interested in contributing to the improvement of our services can send a report or suggestions.

Kiwa Cermet Italia has recently integrated in its Governance the Corporate Social Responsibility values ​​and requirements, through the implementation of a management system developed in compliance with the CSR Performance Ladder scheme, a management system and a certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. This makes the sustainable development policies tangible and objective, according to the verifiable PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT dimensions.

Convinced that the effectiveness of this management system is based significantly on communication with stakeholders, we invite anyone interested in requesting information, to participate in our initiatives to support the specific issues of CSR, sending us opinions and reports on the matter.

You can also use this channel to send any complaint (notice of dissatisfaction of the service received) or appeal (opposition to a decision taken by Kiwa Cermet or dissatisfaction with the response received to a complaint). Before filing a complaint, appeal or sending an alert, we inform you that:

  • We will not accept messages sent anonymously, in order to avoid proceeding with untrue reports whose source can’t be verified
  • The protection of personal data of all those using the complaints and reports service is guaranteed, and anonymity is ensured in the data processing
  • Kiwa Cermet Italia will handle the report / complaint / appeal in accordance with a specific internal procedure available for consultation to anyone who requests it
  • Kiwa Cermet Italia undertakes to provide the claimant within 10 working days with a first response to take charge of the complaint, and within 30 working days of receiving the complaint, to inform the sender about the actions taken to manage it.
  • Kiwa Cermet Italia undertakes to decide on the appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the same.

Reports, complaints and appeals can be sent by letter - by regular mail, fax or e-mail.

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