17 October 2018

Transtech OY is the first IRIS™ certified company by Kiwa Italia.

Transtech OY, belonging to the Skoda Transportation Group, is the first organization certified by Kiwa Italia in accordance with the international IRIS ™ scheme for the railway sector.

After obtaining the accreditation promoted by UNIFE for the railway sector, Kiwa Italia - in the early months of 2018 - launched the IRIS ™ Certification service (International Railway Industry Standard) to integrate the services portfolio for the Transportation sector. The company of the Skoda Transportation Group, which has over 600 employees distributed between the two offices of Oulu and Otanmaki (Finland), is therefore the first organization to obtain the certification in accordance with this standard, after the audits carried out on its Design, Production and Maintenance activities. This is another achievement for Kiwa Italia in the Transport sector, also permitted in this case by an intense international collaboration with Kiwa Inspecta Finland.

Promoted by UNIFE and supported by operators and manufacturers of the sector, the IRIS ™ Certification (International Railway Industry Standard) complies with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 with specific requirements for companies in the railway sector. Structured on quality standards already applied in the aerospace and automotive industries, IRIS ™ Certification helps to contain costs and maintain high levels of performance and quality of companies belonging to this specific sector.

The IRIS ™ Certification allows companies in the railway sector to efficiently manage organizational processes, increase profits and maintain a good reputation in an extremely demanding market.

IRIS Certification

Companies operating in the railway industry have to meet extremely rigorous quality requirements. The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) can help you meet those requirements, whether your organization manufactures system construction parts or rail-mounted vehicles operators, is an operator or an infrastructure company.

IRIS sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the rail industry. It helps you show your customers that your processes are specifically tailored to the industry, and demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement.

IRIS is promoted by the Association of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) and supported by operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers, making it relevant for all organizations in the railway sector supply chain.

What you need to know

IRIS is relevant for all organizations in the railway sector supply chain – including yours. Building on ISO 9001, it sets out the specific requirements for a railway industry quality management system, asking you to define how your organization will meet the needs of your customers.

The standard is modeled on similar quality standards in the aerospace and automotive industries, aiming to avoid the auditing of multiple business management systems and therefore reducing costs.

Getting certified with Kiwa

With increasing pressure from competition, railways are seeking high quality “ready-to-run” transport systems that meet international requirements; IRIS sets the standard for these requests, so certification can help you win new business.

By partnering with Kiwa, you can get the most out of IRIS, improving your quality management systems to improve your performance, meet the most demanding requirements and boost your business.

IRIS certificate

The IRIS certificate replaces individual management system evaluations from the four founders of the initiative: Alstom Transport, AnsaldoBreda, Siemens Transportation Systems and Bombardier Transportation.