18 March 2019

Kiwa Italia issues the first certificates in Latin America

The release of the Certificates in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards to the Damont Group represents the first tangible sign of the start-up process of the activities in South America, thanks to the international coordination between Kiwa Italy and Kiwa América Latina in Peru.


The Damont Group, consisting of Damont Ingenieros SAC and Damont Maquinaria SAC companies, provides industrial equipment inspection and certification services, as inspection body with the INACAL accreditation, apart from the related training to welding professionals, thanks to its connections with international partners.

A successful international cooperation

"Within the framework of Kiwa International group cooperation policy, these first three certificates issued in Latin America is an extremely important step in extending the awareness of our group as a Top Player also in the South American market," said Giampiero Belcredi, Chief Operating Officer at Kiwa Italia. "It’s a first achievement in another continent, to which we are sure, other successful experiences will follow, always based on a close collaboration with South American colleagues."


The initiative was developed in the Lima Headoffice (Peru), where colleagues from Kiwa América Latina have already been active for some years in the field of inspections for the agri-food sector and in specialized training activities related to Quality. The South American country was therefore the point of entry into the Continent with the aim of subsequently expanding the supply of Certification services in accordance with ISO standards also to other countries in the area, thanks to the network of already active Country Offices.

Crucial to the success of this first certification project was the close collaboration between the resources of Kiwa Italia and Kiwa América Latina - Peru, which allowed us to focus on the infrastructural skills and supports needed to operate in the local market according to technical and ethical rules that have always characterized the Kiwa Group.