22 November 2019

Kiwa member of Hydrogen Europe

We are proud that we are now member of Hydrogen Europe, the association that represents the European industry, national associations and research centres active in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector.

Together with its members, Hydrogen Europe promotes hydrogen as the enabler of a zero-emission society. The association currently represents more than 130 industry companies, more than 73 research organizations as well as 19 National Associations.

Broaden exposure, knowledge and business

Being part of Hydrogen Europe offers Kiwa great opportunities. We can broaden the exposure of our brand and our activities and we have access to EU and local government funding opportunities. Because of the knowledge we gain, we can even better understand customer needs, translating them in new projects, services and products. Besides that, we are proud being a member of the association that promotes hydrogen as an enabler of a zero emission society.

Start of activities

Kiwa joins the Stakeholder Forum on 21 November in Brussels, where the European fuel cell and hydrogen community discusses new projects and challenges. All projects will be in a coalition way, meaning multiple partners work together to formulate the best answers to these projects and challenges. We look forward meeting new clients and partners and we hope to be able to participate in many projects.

Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe brings together various industry players, large companies and SMEs, who support the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. The association plays a crucial role promoting best practices, helping companies become more competitive and formulate effective public policies in the field of hydrogen. It has the potential to act as a coordinated voice when talking to policy makers. The main pillars covered in the program are; Fuel cell for vehicles, Transport infrastructure, Energy to Hydrogen, Fuel cell for power and Cross-cutting.

Hydrogen Europe partners with the European Commission in the innovation programme Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). FCH JU’s aim is to accelerate the market introduction of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen technologies.

Kiwa’s hydrogen services

Kiwa has a pioneering position in identifying new applications for hydrogen. Read more about Kiwa's expertise and services on this page.