22 October 2019

Kiwa Brexit Update

Three years into the Brexit process and the deadline of October 31, 2019 is getting closer. All possibilities are still possible and the outcome can not be predicted. Independently from what will happen, Kiwa can already support its clients to prepare for Brexit. 


Following Brexit, the panorama of Testing and Certification activities for different categories of products, related processes and regulations related to the import and export of goods will be changed.

As the UK (after a Brexit) will no longer be an EU member state, your current certifications of a UK Notified Body would need to be re-certified by an EU Notified Body. Through the co-operation between the Kiwa companies (both in the UK and in the EU), this is a straightforward process that will involve minimal review but will require a change of the Notified Body number. For Kiwa UK customers we can transfer you to one of the EU based Kiwa Notified Bodies.

Please note that if the UK leaves with a deal - your CE Certification, of a UK based Notified Body, would possibly be valid until the end of the implementation period (31st December 2020 as it is stands today).

UK Market

About Gas Appliances market, the companies which have obtained the GAR CE certification from a notified body in the United Kingdom, we currently believe that the GAR certificate can remain valid as proof of UKCA compliance.

he UK authorities have stated that it will continue to accept CE marked products by a current UK Notified Body for a period of time, but will introduce a new Conformity Assessment Scheme - the UKCA - which will have a similar structure to the CE compliance framework. 

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