21 June 2019

From the USA to Malaysia, Kiwa Solar Services all around the world.

To be closer to its customers and better understand the real needs of this market, Kiwa will be present at the main international events in the solar sector, from the Far East to North America.

In recent years, the solar market has been growing exponentially, recording positive results globally. Renewable technologies, in fact, are no longer considered a niche market and are therefore becoming ordinary products, provided by many specialized companies.

Kiwa operates as an internationally recognized certification body for the solar market, offering a broad portfolio of services to meet the needs of different operators of the industry, all around the world.

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To be closer to its customers and understand the real needs of this sector, Kiwa is increasingly attending to the main international events, trade shows and conferences, where professionals have the opportunity to get in touch with Kiwa experts and to find out the wide range of Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

The first chance will be the Solar Power International 2019 exhibition, in Salt Lake City (USA) held from September 23 to 26. The event represents an important meeting point for professionals and suppliers operating in the North American solar industry, to share the industry related news and discover the most innovative products and services presented by exhibitors. With more than 700 exhibiting companies and 19.000 participants, Solar Power International is the largest solar fair in North America, covering more than 24 segments of the industry, including installers, contractors, large service companies and market professionals operating in energy storage, smart energy and hydrogen sectors.

Moving from the North American to Asian market, Kiwa will be Bronze Sponsor at the PV ModuleTech 2019 conference, one of the main events in the Asian photovoltaic sector. At its third edition, PV ModuleTech focuses on all technical aspects of photovoltaic modules, including manufacturing, equipment, materials, module design, testing, inspections and certification. Find out more with the PV Modultech video highlights:


Kiwa Services

The wide range of Kiwa services for the solar sector cover the primary and secondary markets. With the Testing and Certification according to the TA Standard for the safety of photovoltaic modules and flat-plate solar panels, Kiwa supports manufacturers in entering the North American market. Kiwa Labs, through Testing and Certification services in accordance with The Solar Keymark (EN 12975-1 / ISO 9806 / EN 12976) support manufacturers to guarantee Quality and Safety of Solar collectors and Solar Boilers solar boilers on the market.

Furthermore, Kiwa is accredited for issuing certificate of PV panels and for the testing them according to the standards following the rules of ISO 17025. We can perform all tests compliant with the standards: EN 61215 (Mono and Poly Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules), EN 61646 (Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules) and EN 61730 (Photovoltaic Module Safety Qualification). Additional test like strong salt fog, extra mechanical load, ammonia can be performed to demonstrate higher performance to distinguish your products in the market.

For the secondary market, Kiwa developed PVDoctor, a dedicated technical Due Diligence service for plant owners, component builders, insurance companies, law firms, installers, O&M Contractors and all companies on the market to ensure the quality, safety and performances of the solar plants, solving typical issues related to them. This through:

  • Plant Performance Report
  • Testing "snail tracks" on photovoltaic modules
  • Hotspot verification test
  • Electroluminescence test
  • Measurements of voltage curves
  • Mechanical load tests
  • Insulation tests to check sealing
  • Degradation Test (PID and LID)
  • Sensor calibration