Webinar "Renewables 2020: state of the art and market trends"


The global energy market is changing dramatically, influenced by the war of oil prices, the lowering of energy consumption due to the current economic situation, climate change issues, and the concomitant lowering of technology costs to make RES plants.

In this context what can operators expect in the short and medium-term? Are we facing market acceleration or braking? What are the best investments to make? What will be the next market trends?

The Webinar organized by Kiwa Italia in collaboration with Moroni & Partners deepens the current situation, involving industry professionals and the CEO himself, Mauro Moroni.

Among the topics at the center of the debate:

  • Renewables vs fossils, a challenge destined to change? | Gianni Silvestrini - Scientific Director Kyoto Club and Key Energy
  • The photovoltaic market between challenges and opportunities | Mauro Moroni - CEO Moroni & Partners
  • Energy supply and demand in the short and medium term | Tommaso Barbetti - Founding Partner at Elemens
  • Authorization development of large solar power plants: strategies, technologies and critical issues | Loris Morsucci - Technical Director Moroni & Partners

Moderator: Leonardo Berlen, Managing Editor of Qualenergia.it

Review the Webinar and download the presentations

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