Why SERMI certification?

Kiwa has been your trusted vehicle security certification organisation for many years. As one of the first European bodies, we are accredited for SERMI inspections. SERMI certification has several advantages. It makes working on vehicle security:

  1. Simpler: You can log in to all manufacturers with a single login (Digidentity) to access security-related information; 
  2. More economical: Direct access to information from different vehicle manufacturers in once instead of for each brand separately;
  3. Faster: You no longer need to submit a separate application to the manufacturer for each brand. Moreover, the procedure to get SERMI certifi­cation is shorter than the access procedures at the manufacturers;
  4. Carefree: You are certifi­ed for a period of 5 years. During these 5 years, Kiwa will do one audit at your premises to see whether you still meet the SERMI requirements.

* Listed prices are per 5 years, exclude VAT and include SERMI license fees. Prices are at the rates in effect for 2024.

** Kiwa reverse charges VAT on purchases outside The Netherlands. This means that Kiwa does not charge VAT but transfers it to the client outside The Netherlands. The client must pass on the VAT locally applicable on the tax return.