Why Kiwa's recycling experts?

In recent years the recycling industry has developed strongly. It has to, because the current economic growth leads to more production and consumption and therefore also to more waste flows. The recycling industry works hard: for example, in the Netherlands we currently recycle over 80% of all waste. Quality is a core condition in this process. Kiwa recycling experts and auditors can help you with this.

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  • Product certification recycling

    Process control and optimization of all phases in the recycling process are key if you want to achieve high-quality recycled material. From collection, disassembly and separation to purification and delivery in desired volumes. Kiwa can help you with this, with a wide range of product certificates in the field of recycling.

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  • System certification recycling

    Knowledge without application has no effect. The application of knowledge in the continuous cycle of process improvement requires daily focus. As a company you can improve your performance by working better by means of describing, checking and adjusting.

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