5 August 2018

Refresher Course (Tazeleme Kursu)-1

In the second half of 2019, you can reserve your seats for our new planned EAB and EAS trainings.

Operator (EAB) and expert (EAS) training can participate in this training.

Refresher training content is updated to update your information, new methods, new technology, changes in standards, changes in test methods, new products and applications, etc. . We will then share the refresher education agenda with you.

Persons with EAB and / or EAS training must participate in refresher training once a year (max. Every 2 years) as required by the standard.

We expect EAB and / or EAS trained people to this training.

Please contact us: 

Contact Person: Buşra Kaplan

E-mail: busra.colak@kiwa.com.tr

T: +90 (216) 593 25 75