15 June 2021

SHV welcomes Kiwa as a new Group to the SHV Family of companies

Utrecht, July 9, 2021. Today, agreement had been reached on the acquisition by SHV of Kiwa, active in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry with related auditing and laboratory activities, reinforced by training-, technology- and data services. Kiwa is currently owned by NPM Capital and the Kiwa management and employees.

Throughout its history, SHV has always been looking ahead, creating a vision on trends and developments in the world, enabling the company to take the necessary actions to safeguard a sustainable future for generations to come. The current environment more than ever shows the need to keep looking ahead and assess the consequences these changes may have for SHV now and in the future and Kiwa will be a valuable addition to the activities and create a more diverse portfolio.

Jeroen Drost, CEO of SHV: ”We are happy that Kiwa becomes part of the SHV family of companies and look forward to support them in their next phase of development. As they have been a portfolio company of NPM Capital for many years, we know them and the management quite well. Their way of doing business as well as the company culture are a good fit with SHV and our purpose, Courage to care for generations to come. We see many opportunities to further support the strategy of Kiwa, in a market that continuous to grow while the ongoing consolidation offers additional opportunities for add-on acquisitions to expand the business.”


TIC is an attractive, large, growing and resilient industry with an annual turnover of about € 200 billion, as increasing regulations and customer demands require certification, testing and inspection in all markets. The sector is expected to grow by approximately 4.5% per year and is characterised by ongoing consolidation and digitalisation.

Kiwa, founded in 1948, has a sustainable and resilient business model with the opportunity to grow substantially, both organic and through acquisitions. NPM Capital became Kiwa’s main shareholder in 2011, when it was active in 9 European countries and since then has been growing sales and margins at a steady rate. Currently, Kiwa is a global player in the TIC industry, mainly active in Europe, but also in Asia, North and Latin America, with almost € 600 million in sales with approximately 5,500 people.

Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa: “Our collaboration with NPM lasted ten years; we look back on a constructive partnership, always in harmony and with respect for each other's goals and thoughts. NPM has strongly supported us in our mission by offering us continuity as an independent organization and by investing heavily in our growth. Together we steadily built on a solid and more international foundation under the Kiwa brand in a competitive and consolidating TIC sector. All in all, there was a real partnership between Kiwa and NPM, while safeguarding the independence and impartiality so much needed for our TIC company. With SHV, we can face the future in a well-known culture, as part of the SHV Family of Companies that will invest in accelerated growth.”


Bart Coopmans, managing director of NPM Capital: “NPM Capital became shareholder of Kiwa in 2011 to support the management with accelerating the international buy-and-build

strategy. Since then, Kiwa has realised an impressive growth towards an international, global TIC organisation with activities in over 30 countries while sales more than quintupled. We can look back at a very successful cooperation and want to thank all employees of Kiwa for their efforts. We wish Kiwa and SHV lots of success with realising their joint ambitions in the next phase of growth.”

The shares owned by NPM Capital will be transferred to SHV and after closing the transaction, subject to works council advice and merger clearance, SHV will own 89.5% of the shares and Kiwa management 10.5%. No financial details will be disclosed.






About SHV

SHV is family-owned company with a strong position in operational activities and selected investment activities. SHV is active in 64 countries and has more than 51,000 employees. SHV is active in energy distribution (SHV Energy), cash-and-carry wholesale (Makro), heavy lifting and transport activities (Mammoet), industrial services (ERIKS), animal feed and aquafeed (Nutreco) and private equity (NPM Capital). In addition, SHV has a minority shareholding in ONE-Dyas (exploration, development and production of oil and gas). www.shv.nl


About Kiwa

Kiwa is an independent global company in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). Kiwa’s core businesses are supported and strengthened by (strictly separated) training, consultancy and data services. With its TIC and adjacent services, Kiwa creates trust in its customers’ products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees. It does so in a wide variety of market segments, ranging from drinking water and (renewable) energy, construction and healthcare to food, feed & farm and medical & pharma. Kiwa has clients in manufacturing and process industries, (business) services, public and private utilities, governments and international institutions. Kiwa employs over 5,000 people in offices in more than 35 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America. www.kiwa.com




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Carina Hamaker, Head of Communications chamaker@shv.nl



George Mentjox, Corporate Communication george.mentjox@kiwa.com

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