What Kiwa can do for you

Vocational Competence

In the last century, significant progress has been achieved in the world about vocational qualification and health and safety. The interest in the qualification, health and safety issues of the profession started in the 90s in our country became visible with concrete actions in the first period of 2000s.

Laws governing the competence, health and safety of public and private sector employees and enforcement powers have emerged and institutional structures have become operational.

Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) assigned to the competence of professional people in 2006 with the law no. 5544; T.C Family has commenced operations under the Ministry of Labor and Social Services.

Why Kiwa

We, as Kiwa, have continued to add value to companies and institutions by providing conformity assessment-certification services within the scope of management systems and product certification for many years; We aim to serve as accredited to the competence of professional people.

Developing yourself and more

In the new period; our aim is to provide accredidated services in conformity asseesment within the scope of  ISO 17024: 2012 personal certification to certify the adequacy of the employees and to qualify them and the institutions they work.

With our personnel certification service; we aim to add value to the business life for many years by providing efficient, conscious, healthy, away from work accidents conditions. The two most important criteria that stand out in the context of these qualifications are: sufficiency in the profession and compliance with occupational health and safety requirements.

In this scope, we believe that people who is certified by kiwa will find jobs more easily and continue their business life as successful individuals who are aware of the requirements of the job security and the occupational health and safety requirements.

Our Services

When we have the right to be the competent examination body of the Vocational Qualification Authority (MYK) in our country; We will provide examination and certification services for both national and international qualifications.

After completion of our accreditation process, we will provide testing and certification services in the following shared scopes

  • CNC operator
  • Welding operator

Within the scope of our personnel certification services, you can reach the documents from the links below. After providing our competence; contact persons and organizations will be contacted personally to present these scopes.