Sharing entrepreneurship: Kiwa supports Oxfam Novib

At Kiwa, we value and foster entrepreneurship among colleagues. We do exactly the same as a Company Ambassador for Oxfam Novib, a branch of the international NGO Oxfam, which fights poverty all over the world. One way Oxfam Novib does that is by offering microcredits and education to people setting up small-scale businesses. A true Partner for Progress, just like us.

Entrepreneurship is all about taking matters in your own hands and, especially in developing countries, fighting poverty. Oxfam Novib's microcredits and education allow people to kickstart their own small-scale business and to build a better future for themselves, their families and the societies they live and operate in.

We're enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and we strongly encourage the principle of microcredits. These relatively modest loans directly help small companies develop and flourish on a local scale. As we are a confederation of locally-oriented companies ourselves, microfinancing adheres to our own strategy.

As a so-called Company Ambassador, we yearly donate a certain amount of money which Oxfam Novib uses for microcredits. It implicates we give entrepreneurs all over the world an opportunity to set up and develop their businesses - together with over 700 other ambassadors. Thus, we also support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which are an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and ambitions.

While banks and other financial institutions in developing countries are often not that trustworthy as lenders, possibilities for financing a business are quite limited. Oxfam Novib effectively fills that void by donating money and sharing knowledge. The NGO also supports further development of small and medium-sized enterprises with loans. These companies offer job opportunities for locals, which allows the economy to grow, and can have a profound positive impact on a community.

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