Quality labels

The Kiwa company name, our certificates and our certification brands are important (marketing) assets to add value or to obtain the necassary permits. They play a major role in making the achievements of our certified relations visible for themselves and the outside world. The Kiwa name and brands stand for quality, reliability and trust.

Kiwa brands

To enlarge the strength of our brands, we present our own and licensed certification brands in a combination with our company name, Kiwa. Licensed certification scheme brands will also be presented with Kiwa as a parent brand, where allowed by licensees and under the condition that a scheme matches accreditation level. In doing so, we increase the (international) visibility of our brands and the brand's (market) value for our customers.

A Kiwa label for every certification scheme

Quality labels are uniquely connected to the certified product, process, system, attestation or certification scheme and may solely be used by the certificate holder when a valid certificate has been issued. Kiwa offers a wide variety of licensed marks, branch and sector marks. They have a different look, but the same principles apply.

Product marking as a marketing tool

A product certificate can be an affective and powerful marketing tool. Product certificate holders (therefore) have the opportunity to mark their products with a Kiwa Beaver Mark (see below).

Kiwa Beaver Mark

To support certificate holders make the most of their certificate in marketing, we supply a pictogram for almost all certification schemes. This so-called Kiwa Beaver Mark consists of an image of the Kiwa beaver and a referral to the specific certification scheme. Accreditation level, a country code and the certification scheme number are required to prevent issues of, for example, parallel imports.