Testing a product and making sure it complies to relevant standards is an important step for manufacturers who want to bring a product to the global market. Regulations regarding product certification can vary from country to country. Kiwa facilitates an extensive portfolio of approval and testing services for product certification. We ensure that the time to market for your certified products will be as short as possible.

What is product certification

Product certification is a critical component of quality and safety, it’s a systematic process in which products are evaluated and tested by independent, accredited organisations. Products are rigorously assessed to ensure they meet predefined industry-specific standards, regulations, and safety criteria. The goal is to provide customers with the assurance that the certified products are of a high quality, safe to use, environmentally responsible, or compliant with laws and regulations.

Product certifications are not just badges; they represent unwavering commitment to delivering products that consistently meet or exceed industry benchmarks. Product certification involves a series of comprehensive tests, inspections, and assessments. These evaluations encompass various aspects of products, depending on the industry and type of product.

Benefits of product certification

Product certification offers a multitude of benefits that directly impact customers and the broader community. Firstly, it ensures the quality and safety of products by adhering to stringent standards and undergoing rigorous testing. This translates to products that are reliable, durable, and consistent.

Additionally, product certification enhances safety. The commitment from standard organisations means that potential safety hazards are thoroughly assessed and mitigated during the development process. This not only safeguards end-users but also minimises risks and liabilities for business partners. Furthermore, certified products often enjoy broader market

What can we do for you?

We can certify your products in the following areas:

  • Fire safety and security
  • Drinking water
  • Sewage water
  • Building materials
  • Medical devices
  • Gas appliances
  • Renewable energy
  • Wireless & EMC
  • IoT
  • Household & commercial products
  • Industrial
  • Food feed farm
  • Automotive
  • Installations
  • WaterMark

Please find below an overview of our services in the area of product certification.

Services overview

  • The MSC traceability standard is a globally recognised environmental certification scheme that allows you to market MSC certified fish and shellfish. The blue MSC label shows that fish have been caught in a way that creates healthy oceans and secures seafood supplies for the future - something that is important to your customers.
  • KRAV certification with Kiwa: prove the organic origin of your products, meet customer demands and sell in the Swedish market.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. certification with Kiwa: reduce your food safety risks, increase your transparency and support sustainable agriculture to meet customer demands.
  • Food from controlled organic farming demonstrably promotes biodiversity and species conservation and contributes to active climate protection. What's more, the organic market is still booming! You don't want to miss this opportunity to label your products as organic or to convert your farm to organic? Then you can benefit from our many years of expertise in the field of organic certification in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation (No. 2018/848) for organic food production processes. We are the first state-accredited organic inspection body in Germany.
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC ) Chain of Custody certification with Kiwa: prove your products’ traceability, support sustainable fish farming and meet customer demands.
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification with Kiwa: improve your food safety, meet customer demands and showcase your performance.
  • EN 1090-1 certification with Kiwa: demonstrate your compliance with EU regulations, highlight the quality of your components and get ready to access the European market with CE marking.
  • The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory scheme for the certification of plumbing and drainage products in Australia.
  • Global Product Certification sets out requirements for the certification of on-site sewerage facilities and water storage tanks in areas generally not served by sewerage systems.
  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification with Kiwa: improve your food manufacturing safety, meet customer demands and increase your profit.