25 November 2019

Kiwa obtains the ACCREDIA accreditation for tests carried out in the New Italian Plastic Lab

Kiwa has recently obtained the extension of the ACCREDIA LAB n°0001L accreditation for the tests carried out in the Plastic dedicated testing facility in Bologna, Italy.

The italian Laboratories, which are already leading testing facilities for Calibration and Metrology (LAT n°052) and Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing (LAB n°0001L) obtained the extension of accreditation for plastic materials, thermoplastics, piping systems, pipes and fittings testing activities.
From the characterization of raw materials to tests on finished products, from tests on small sizes to considerable dimensions, the completeness of the activities of the new laboratory for plastics make it unique and suitable to meet the many needs of the market. From now on, all test conducted in Bologna on plastic materials, thermoplastics, piping systems, pipes and fittings are conducted under accreditation from ACCREDIA.
Accredited tests add value to the portfolio, which was already characterized by advanced services conducted by totally innovative test equipment, interconnected in IoT and aligned with the latest versions of the standards, ensuring reliability and precision in the conduct of tests under the competent control of Kiwa technicians.

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The extension of the accreditation obtained by Kiwa for the new "Plastic Materials Laboratory" attests the quality level of its testing work, as demonstrated by the independent verification of the compliance of the management system and competences with the internationally recognized regulatory requirements.

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