The new Kiwa Italia Plastic Laboratory responds to the increasingly precise demands of a constantly evolving sector, with the aim of supporting companies in their national and international growth and innovation.

From the characterization of raw materials to tests on finished products, from tests on small sizes to considerable dimensions, the completeness of the activities of the new Plastic Laboratory make it unique in its kind and able to respond to the many needs of the market.

The totally new test instruments, interconnected by IoT and aligned with the most recent versions of the standards, guarantee reliability and precision in the conduct of tests, without gaps in continuity and under the competent control of Kiwa technicians.

The wide range of laboratory tests allows the manufacturer Water&Gas to find in Kiwa the only interlocutor for every type of critical issue related to the products, from the thermo-hydraulic to those for transport, distribution and draining, thanks to a local testing laboratory that provides the keys to access to global markets.

Our laboratory Tests