5 August 2021

Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte obtains Environmental Health Certification

Kiwa Italia has recently certified the Integrated Prevention Service for the Environmental Health of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte.

The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio, one of the most exclusive and refined historical luxury hotels in the world, has recently obtained, for its prestigious two-Michelin-starred restaurant 'Piccolo Principe' and for the Breakfast Room, the important Certification issued by Kiwa Italia, with reference to the Environmental Health Standard (ST SAL-AMB).

An innovative certification scheme whose main focus is to guarantee, through the integrated contamination prevention service envisaged by the Environment Health Standard (ST SAL_AMB), healthy and safe environments over time, i.e. healthy environments in which the absence of contaminants of biological, chemical, and physical origin is proven, and the implementation of behaviors to contain any type of contamination.

Certification goes beyond the current concepts of sanitizing environments and surfaces because it requires companies that intend to certify one or more environments to adopt a new management method, to work with an approach based on verified performance results and requires the involvement of an Environment Health Manager, a new professional figure with the responsibility of guaranteeing over time the quality standards in the field of health and hygiene safety, defined in the ST SAL-AMB Standard.

A pragmatic, innovative, and effective solution to deal with the current uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 health emergency, but above all a solution designed for post-emergency health care in a logic of excellence in the field of safety and hygiene of environments.

The certified environments: the two-Michelin-starred restaurant "Il Piccolo Principe" on the left and the Breakfast Room on the right.

The important goal reached by the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte was confirmed during the delivery of the Certificate, which took place in Viareggio at the beginning of August. On the occasion of the delivery, General Manager Stefano Plotegher said "We are extremely proud of this certification because we want our guests and our staff to feel safe, and therefore, we have always invested in their protection. We have always been committed and will continue to be committed daily to achieving and maintaining this objective".

In a context of uncertainty such as the current one, due to the consequences of the current health emergency, it is essential to look ahead with capacity and innovation. It is therefore essential to build a step-by-step process capable of bringing the present closer to the future. It is with this spirit and with this objective that the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio has approached the certification with reference to the ST SAL-AMB Standard, developing an ad hoc, innovative, and high-level management model, which has as its foundation the attention to the concept of quality, eco-sustainability and above all the attention to the achievement and maintenance over time of the qualitative and quantitative standards required by the Standard.