28 July 2021

Webinar Series on CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 standards: novelties, technical aspects and required tests.

Kiwa Creiven, which has been involved in the Renewable Energies sector for many years, is organising two appointments dedicated to CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 standards to highlight all the main innovations introduced by the V1 variants for rotating generators, and to delve into the required tests and technical and specific aspects for photovoltaic and storage systems.

"V1 variants to CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 standards: what changes for rotating generators?"

1 July 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. 

The recent Resolution 147/2021/R/EEL issued by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment, amending the previous 149/2019/R/eel, defines the timing for the application of the V1 variants to the CEI 0-16 and CEI 0-21 standards. For rotating generators, connections to the grids that will be activated after 31 December 2021 will, in fact, have to be accompanied by the test reports carried out according to Variants V1 to the standards, and for MV connections the use of simulation models will be allowed to verify the generators' compliance with LVRT requirements.

The webinar will delve into the implementation timeline and the main novelties introduced by the indicated standards, with reference to the tests foreseen to verify the requirements.

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“Prove e aspetti tecnici definiti dalle norme CEI 0-21 e CEI 0-16 per inverter fotovoltaici e storage”

8 July 11:00 A.M -12:00 P.M.

The CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 standards, in their current version, implement EU Regulation 2016/631 (Requirements for Generators - RfG), dividing generators into four distinct classes, based on the size and voltage of the connection point (type A/B/C/D). In addition, some clarifications have been introduced regarding the tests for verifying compliance with the requirements.

The webinar will delve into the required test methods and technical aspects specific to photovoltaic and storage systems. Rotating generators connected to grids via static converters will also be covered.

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