Global Market Access

Most regulatory authorities in the world have their own national requirements in place for radio, telecom and ITE (Information Technology Equipment) devices. This means EU or FCC compliance is not necessarily sufficient to bring your products to the global market. In other words, when you want to market your product in a specific country, it needs to be Type Approved in line with that country’s specific regulations and standards. In combination with the multiple technologies your product can consist of, the regulatory landscape can be tough to navigate. Kiwa’s Global Market Access service offers a solution to enable market access around the globe. Together with our pre-regulatory compliance technical support, and EU/FCC test laboratories we truly offer a one-stop-shop solution – making Kiwa your go-to partner for Global Market Access.

How does International Type Approval work?

We are specialized in Radio (RF), Telecom and ITE Type Approval, and can support almost every country in the world and ‘where there are requirements in place’. Any product with communications interface or radio module will need to comply with the applicable regulations in place in all your target markets. In most countries worldwide, this means that the product will require national-level Type Approval confirming compliance to the national regulations and standards.

Type Approval requirements differ from country to country. EU or FCC certification is a prerequisite for most countries however the vast majority have their own certification scheme, and many have their own local testing requirement. Please visit our Country List for a full list of schemes supported.

We specialise in the following technologies and devices:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Wireless Industrial Electronics
  • Internet of Things
  • Network and IT equipment
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, UHF RFID & Short-Range Devices
  • Cellular Radio
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • and many more Radio, Telecom, and ITE devices and consumer Electrical & Electronic Devices

Kiwa offers our customers a professional, stress-free approach to obtain your Type Approval certifications. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can provide comprehensive support for all aspects of the Type Approval process in your target countries. 

Our services in the field of Global Market Access

Kiwa is active in various countries in the global market access field, however not in Korea.
Visit our global website to find out in which countries Kiwa offers these services.