5 January 2024

LabTest Certification Inc. & Kiwa Korea MoU Signed

Kiwa Korea Ltd. and LabTest Certification Inc. have signed an official MoU agreement regarding Field Evaluation & LPC (Limited Production Certification) required for industrial equipment to enter the U.S. market.


Field Evaluation Service is achieved through product design and structure review and testing in accordance with standards (UL508A, NFPA79) when industrial electrical panels and industrial installations are finally installed in the United States.


The main tasks of Kiwa Korea Ltd. are as follows:

  • Evaluate industrial equipment and enclosures to the relevant (applicable) standards for products being exported to the USA.
  • Providing One-Stop technical support service through standard application during the design phase.
  • Manufacturer's technical support from LabTest Certification Inc. through Pre-inspection to final on-site labeling.


(LabTest label sample)


For more information, please contact us at jhchoi@kiwa.kr or www.kiwa.kr