Environmental performance

A circular construction economy

Global climate change is forcing us to use resources sustainably. In this important transition the construction market has a priority and key role to play, as buildings are responsible for a quarter of all CO2 emissions. We use half of the world's raw materials to construct buildings, roads, transport networks and other infrastructure.

Green deal

The European Green Deal, is a set of policies set by the European Union in which, among other things, they have committed itself to transform the construction industry into a circular economy. Or in other words, sustainability is becoming mandatory in the construction sector. We at Kiwa think this is the right thing to do and support our customers in every phase that a building material goes through in its life cycle, starting with the raw material and ending with recycling.

Life cycle assessments

Life cycle assessments (LCA) are used to determine the environmental impacts of your product, service or process. It identifies significant environmental impacts and shows where they can be reduced in the different phases of the life cycle. As part of the LCA, various environmental impact categories such as global warming potential, eutrophication potential or resource consumption are calculated. In this way you get a clear view of your product

Our services in the field of quantification of environmental impact