Sector based sustainability

Sector based sustainability

On a global level the demand for raw materials is rapidly increasing. As you probably now many of these raw materials are not infinitely available and will eventually run out. That is why it is important to standardize the (re)use raw materials and to reduce the environmental impact of them. In this way an economy can be created that runs on reusable raw materials. This all starts by demonstrating that your products are produced using sustainable materials. Kiwa can help you to do so.

It is not only a matter of environmental advantages, which is very important of course, but using sustainable materials also has benefits for entrepreneurs themselves. Because of the scarcity of some materials, the price of these materials increases. By recycling and reusing raw materials you become less dependent on the international raw materials trade and are thus less effected by price increases or possible trade conflicts.

Contractors are looking for the cheapest materials, not necessarily the most sustainable.
Wim van Vreeswijk

How do I show that my products are sustainable?

Do you want to show the building materials you use are produced sustainably, taking into account their environmental impact? Or that you use materials that can be reused later? Kiwa has a number of certifications that guarantee the sustainability or circularity of buildings and materials. By becoming a certified manufacturer you will demonstrate to both your organization as well as your customers that your products and the raw materials that they’re made of are of responsibly sourced origin. Get in touch to find out which certification scheme(s) fits the best.

Clientcase: K3Delta B.V. about CSC-certification

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