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For over a decade, Kiwa PVEL has provided a suite of technical services for mitigating risk, optimizing financing and improving PV system performance around the world.

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Kiwa PVEL is the independent lab of the downstream solar industry.

Our bankability testing replaces assumptions about PV module performance with quantifiable metrics, and connects manufacturers with a global network of downstream, module purchasing, companies. 


Industry Leader

We have tested more than 600 different PV module types from over 75 manufacturers.


Global Reach

Our 400+ downstream partners are located worldwide and represent many GWs of annual buying power.



We pioneered extended reliability and performance testing for the downstream market.



We continuously refine our test programs as technology advances and market needs evolve.

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Kiwa PVEL’s services support the worldwide solar and energy storage buyer community by generating data that accelerates the adoption of solar technology. They range from extended reliability and performance testing for PV modules, outdoor testing at an iconic grid-connected research site, and data services for PV project stakeholders.

Kiwa PVEL’s Latest Resources

Buyers across the industry rely on Kiwa’s PVEL data and reports to make informed procurement decisions. Explore our latest available resources below, or click here for more.

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  • Download the Latest Executive Summary from the Energy Storage Technology and Cost Forecast (ESTAC) Report
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  • Discover the Latest Improvements in Extended Module Reliability Testing: Kiwa PVEL’s Updated PQP
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PV Module Reliability Scorecard

For the past decade, Kiwa PVEL’s annual Scorecard showcases manufacturers that produce PV modules with noteworthy results in our independent testing, and has been a vital resource for solar professionals worldwide.

Visit the Scorecard here


We test products from a broad range of manufacturers.
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And more!

The Kiwa Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of quality assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services for the solar and energy storage industry. We support investors, developers, EPC contractors and asset managers, while also helping manufacturers demonstrate compliance to the requirements of numerous markets.

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