Renewable Energy

Kiwa contributes to sustainable solutions for our today’s and future energy supply. We offer a one stop shop service to cover safety and quality demands for energy installations and related components. Together with the manufacturing industry, governments, network operators, education centers and other parties, we set the standard in acceptable technologies and solutions.

We fulfil an extended portfolio in the entire market chain with a unique mix of years of knowledge, in house experience, innovative power and geographical presence. Kiwa can support you by delivering extended services in testing and certification of products and systems, verifications and consultancy and training. Our experts can help you in many different areas, such as renewable gas, hydrogen, electrification, internet connectivity, energy storage systems and carbon footprint. 

As a partner for progress we want both you and the world to take a step forward.

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Module Testing

Explore Kiwa PVEL's PV module testing services, going beyond PQP to ensure consistency and performance indoors and outdoors.

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Post-shipment Inspection

Evaluating all aspects of the supply chain, product, manufacturing, and management processes potentially affecting module safety and performance. A comprehensive auditing protocol based on direct observation, stress-testing and expert review.

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Field inspections PV systems

Around the globe, we test PV systems according to their performance and uncover faults and give recommendations on how to remedy them. Our experts have the most modern testing equipment and analysis tools at their disposal.

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment inspection of finished PV modules serves to check the modules for any obvious physical defects. Inspection is carried out on a sample basis and used to release modules for shipment.

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Data and Consultancy

Unlock actionable insights and forecasts with Kiwa PVEL's data and consulting services, empowering your solar and energy storage procurement strategies.

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Renewable Energy Quality and Consulting

PPI Quality and Engineering provides timely insight into your renewable energy operations with services and software solutions for quality assurance and asset tracking.

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Auditor in field of wind energy windmill
ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management system certification with Kiwa: conserve resources, save money and mitigate climate change.

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Contracting Assistance

Specify the PV module, manufacturing, quality criteria, and quality assurance requirements. Define defects and identify potential remedies. Assist with contractually managing and mitigating potential safety, performance, and reliability risks.

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Post Shipment Inspection

Conduct post-shipment inspection of modules prior to installation to check for potential damage sustained during transportation.

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Container loading check

Inspection of packaging integrity and loading of containers to ensure compliance with manufacturer specification before leaving the manufacturer’s factory or storage facility. Kiwa PI Berlin will assess the condition of the packaged modules, including pallets, packaging, and strapping.

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Factory Audits

Kiwa PI Berlin audits evaluate all aspects of the supply chain, product, manufacturing, and management processes potentially affecting module safety, reliability, and performance. Kiwa PI Berlin has developed a comprehensive auditing protocol based on direct observation, stress- testing and expert review of factory operations and successfully applied to over 1,000+ audits to date. Kiwa PI Berlin will conduct an on-site, independent audit of the equipment manufacturer manufacturing process and provide a comprehsive factory audit with the crictical, major, and minor audit findings.

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Quality Assurance & Engineering

Our international team of Quality Control Specialists engage suppliers and service providers throughout all stages of product and service-related product realization based on our customer specific needs. We service the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas market as well as renewable-energy markets. Our processes and procedures for service execution are maintained and documented in our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

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Cosmetics: all kinds of lipstick colors
ISO 22716 Cosmetics - GMP - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices

ISO 22716 Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices with Kiwa: Regulations for systematic and organisational product safety and quality control to be followed throughout the manufacture of cosmetics

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ISO 27701 Certification Privacy Information Management System
ISO 22301 Business continuity management systems

ISO 22301 Business continuity management system with Kiwa: Prepare for disaster, disaster, and accident-related business disruptions.

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ESG Audit

Conduct a complete Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) audit of the Customer’s company and one on-site facility. The Customer will be provided with a certificate in accordance with the Kiwa SEE Sustainability Standard.

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Building area workers
ISO 45001 Health and safety at work

ISO 45001 is a tool to systematically fulfill the legal obligation for employers to ensure the health and safety of employees and to pursue a policy aimed at achieving the best possible working conditions.

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Root Cause Analysis - Modules

The RCA approach is three-fold. First step of failure assessment to review existing project documentation to determine the next steps needed for inspection/testing. Second step is to conduct the inspection and/or testing required. Third step is to prepare an expert opinion based on the results of the RCA to help the customer in the claim process and to assess the risk going forward.

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Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) - Inverters

Kiwa PI Berlin will witness pre-shipment inspection factory acceptance test of the customers central inverters. Inspection will be carried out on a sample basis per the pre-agreed criteria. Kiwa PI Berlin may randomly sample inverters for testing using the manufacturers facilities. (Combine FATs)

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Post-shipment module inspection - Dark room

Kiwa PI Berlin will conduct post-shipment inspections of modules prior to installation to check for potential transportation damage. Kiwa PI Berlin will randomly sample pallets from containers and perform visual inspections and electroluminescence (EL) imaging.

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Container Loading

Inspection of packaging integrity and loading of containers to ensure compliance with manufacturer’s specification before leaving the factory or storage facility.

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PPI provides specialized engineering and technical services to support customers in designing and operating assets that are safe, reliable and compliant.

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Man on construction site

VCA and VCU health, safety and environment certification with Kiwa: create safe working conditions for contractors and reduce accidents.

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Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) - MV cells

Kiwa PI Berlin will perform the witnessing of MV-Cell Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to ensure it is aligned with the design, manufacturing and acceptance requirements. We will focus on the supervision of laboratory conditions and standards compliance , laboratory capabilities, health and safety, signalling, interlocks and ensuring that the international standards are applied.

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Module laboratory testing

Physical testing of modules to provide a secondary validation of the basic manufacturing quality, material consistency, and electrical safety of the finished product.

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