• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

    With the proliferation of electronic devices into everyday life - TVs, washing machines, electronic ignitors, traffic lights, mobile phones, ATMs, anti-theft tags, to name but a few - there is a huge potential for devices to interfere with each other. That’s where Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in becomes essential.

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    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) lab at Kiwa in Woerden
  • Electrical Safety Testing

    Whether you are working on a new electrical related product as a start-up or as a major established brand, you have to make sure it is safe. No manufacturer wants its product to cause any injury or harm to their users. That is why you have to make sure your electrical or electronic product is officially tested by an independent company. Based on many years of experience in testing electrical professional and domestic appliances Kiwa offers a wide range of services for manufacturers.

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    Medical equipment
  • Radio Equipment and Wireless Communication Testing

    Radio techniques are being increasingly deployed in virtually any application area. Whether it concerns IoT, products, cordless telephony, wireless movement detectors, Wi-Fi adapters, toys, remote controls, Bluetooth® peripherals, VHF-transceivers, anti-collision radars and so on, radio technology is inevitable in our modern world.

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    Radio frequencies
  • Global Market Access

    Most regulatory authorities in the world have their own national requirements in place for radio, telecom and ITE devices. This means EU or FCC compliance is not necessarily sufficient to bring your products to the global market. In other words, when you want to market your product in a specific country, it needs to be Type Approved in line with that country’s specific regulations and standards.

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  • Automotive, Ingress, Antenna, Grid Code and Battery Testing

    The RF and Electrical market is such a broad segment, it is impossible to capture all our activities in just a few categories. Here you can find a short overview of the other niche markets we are active in such as Automotive, Ingress, Antenna, Grid Code and Battery Testing.

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    Test lab in Kiwa Woerden, The Netherlands