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The RF and Electrical market is such a broad segment, it is impossible to capture all our activities in just a few categories. Below you can find a short overview of the other niche markets we are active in:

Automotive Testing -Regulation 10 (UNECE)

Modern-day motor vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated, with many vehicles now featuring autonomous functionality, such as self-parking, lane assisted driving and even complete driverless tasks. Wireless and smart technologies are also now more prolific including tire pressure monitoring, perception systems, in car connectivity and apps. Together we can successfully bring the next generation of automotive electrical components, systems and sub-assemblies to market.

Ingress Protection Testing

The IP XX coding on electrical devices indicates the degree of protection of that particular device against damage caused by the intrusion of foreign bodies. Kiwa can test your device against the international standard IEC standard 60529 up to IP X8, the second highest level of protection against intrusion of liquids.

Antenna Testing

We offer bespoke testing such as measurement of antennas that can be made either on our Open Area Test Site (OATS), in one of our semi-anechoic chambers 25 MHz - 40 GHz, or in our fully Anechoic Microwave Chamber 1 GHz - 110 GHz.

We can test for response, isolation, matching, azimuth polar plots, elevation and measurement of antenna gain. We also offer antenna matching designs for short range devices. Typically, measurement on the OATS will be from 10 kHz to 8 GHz.

Grid Code Testing

Grid operators, installation certifiers or plant operators demand certificates that prove that the grid connection guidelines are fulfilled by decentralised generation units. Evidence produced by the manufacturer itself is often not accepted. Through our accreditation as a testing laboratory and certification body and with our international contacts, we can provide you with globally recognized test reports and certificates as proof of conformity with standards.

Battery Testing

Many product standards and norms for end devices require that used lithium-ion batteries must be tested and certified according to IEC62133-2. Kiwa Primara GmbH operates an accredited test laboratory in Kaufbeuren for testing Li-ion batteries according to IEC 62133-1, IEC62133-2 and IEC 62619:2017.

Our other services in the field of Radio Frequency and Wireless

Kiwa is active in various countries in the field of radio frequency and wireless, however not in the USA.
Visit our global website to find out in which countries Kiwa offers these services.