• Minerals

    Kiwa is one of the worldwide leading companies, when it comes to the testing, inspection and certification of mineral construction products. As a notified body, we offer our services according the European technical specifications for the CE-marking, but also according to national standards.

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  • Metal and wooden building materials

    Common construction materials like metal and wood are very durable and can last a long time, but it is important to check metal and wooden materials on various aspects. Kiwa can help you to do so. Together we can make the high quality of your construction product visible!

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  • Roofs and Facades

    Kiwa can offer you all kinds of tests, inspections and certification of construction products for roofs & facades.

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    Roof Tiles
  • Road construction materials

    Naturally road pavement structure, dike revetment or engineering works need to be safe and it must be possible to use them properly. For that reason the material used in these works need to comply to national and international regulation. At Kiwa we have the expertise and knowledge to test your road construction materials

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  • Plastic and rubber building materials

    Plastic and rubber as a construction product are regulated according to the European Construction Product Regulation CPR and European harmonized specifications or according to national standards. The testing, inspection and certification of construction products from plastic and rubber is a core business of Kiwa.

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    PE tubes polymers