Hydrogen – using the gas distribution network

Studies carried out by Kiwa at Netbeheer Nederland and as part of the Leeds H21 City Gate project in the UK shows that the existing gas networks can be repurposed to distribute hydrogen, with some adaptations:

  • Transitioning from natural gas to hydrogen will require new gas meters and central heating boilers/hybrid heat pumps designed for hydrogen. 
  • Installers of gas appliances will require training in order to install hydrogen appliances.
  • Hydrogen will require odourisation so gas leaks can be detected easily.
  • Materials research will be necessary on network components to ensure they are not adversely affected by hydrogen.

A project at Netbeheer Nederland in 2018 showed that the existing Dutch gas network can be re-purposed relatively easily to distribute hydrogen, with changes required being predominantly the installation of new gas meters, new central heating boilers are new domestic cooking and heating appliances, with the associated installer training and safety education.

Download: Research Future-proof Gas distribution networks.pdf (Dutch)