Hy4Heat Project

Hy4Heat forms part of a wider BEIS investigation into the most economic methods for decarbonising the UK’s heating needs. More generally, interest in hydrogen as a clean fuel is growing and we are involved in a number of government-funded and industry initiatives.

What is the Hy4Heat project?

Hy4Heat is a study to establish if it’s technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances. This will enable to government to determine whether to proceed to a community trial.

The work is split into the following work packages:

  • Hydrogen Gas Standards: defining a hydrogen quality standard, purity odorant and colourant
  • Appliance Certification: establishing guidance on certification of a new generation of hydrogen appliances
  • Domestic Hydrogen Gas Appliances: development of hydrogen-fuelled boilers, cookers and fires and innovative gas hydrogen appliances
  • Commercial and Industrial Appliances: Research into the variety of commercial and industrial gas appliances and the issues to be addressed in their conversion or replacement with hydrogen appliances
  • Safety, Risk and Assessments: Assessment of safety issues related to hydrogen in properties such as ventilation and leakage detection
  • Demonstration Trials: a trial of hydrogen appliances in a non-occupied setting for stakeholder engagement and feedback
  • Community Trial Preparation: Planning and preparation for a community trial using hydrogen if the government decides to progress to community trial stage

What is the project outcome expected to be?

We will have established whether it is technically possible and safe to use hydrogen for heating and cooking in commercial and residential buildings and gas appliances.