Reduce, reuse and recycle

In practice: recycling materials

Contributing to the various environmental targets that has been set (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions), is possible in various ways. Think of all kinds of environmental aspects that play a role here: reducing heat loss, generating sustainable energy, but also using recycled an recyclable materials. Recycling plays an important role in the extraction and reuse of raw materials from waste. We need to produce better quality, traceable secondary materials.

Product and system certification

Process control and optimization of all phases in the recycling process are key if you want to achieve high-quality recycled material. From collection, disassembly and separation to purification and delivery in desired volumes. We have a wide range of product certificates in the field of recycling to help you. The same applies to system certification. As a company you can improve your performance by working better by means of describing, checking and adjusting of your recycling process.

Sustainable construction

The outer shell of a building offers some perfect options to use recycled materials: the possibility to increase the insulation value of the partition construction, or to install a vegetation finish on the roof and facade, allowing a contribution to be made to reducing the discharge peak of the rainwater drains to the sewers, preventing the ‘heat island’ effect, increasing biodiversity, binding particulate matter, CO2 and NOx, and many more positive contributions to the environment and the living conditions.


Recycling plays an important role in extracting and reusing usable raw materials from waste. In recent years the recycling industry has developed strongly. It has to, because the current economic growth leads to more production and consumption and therefore also to more waste flows. The recycling experts and auditors from Kiwa can help you guarantee the quality of your recycling products. Find out what we offer in this segment.

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