Energy and Power Generation

The power generation industry has the challenge of ensuring an uninterrupted, reliable supply and satisfying safety and environmental requirements, while also taking the interests of the many stakeholders into account.

Production systems are complex and need to be properly designed, monitored and maintained. Individual components must be safe, of good quality, durability and reliability, and meet growing requirements for sustainable impact, to be successful in the marketplace.

Kiwa provides inspection, testing and certification of the electrical safety of individual components, as well as the grid integration of generation units that feed energy into the global power grid. We confirm your product’s robustness and environmental compliance.

We support you in setting up risk-based maintenance, modernisation and investment plans and we offer you access to international certification procedures.

  • Ensure reliable supply
  • Risk-based maintenance
  • Retain profitability
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Battery testing according to UN 38.3

Batteries containing lithium must be tested in accordance with UN 38.3 to ensure safe transport.

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Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

Thanks to our extensive accreditations in the field of electromobility, Kiwa is your partner for testing your equipment and thus an important partner for proving compliance with standards.

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BDA Infrared Thermography

Heat loss occurs in all buildings. An infrared camera can be used to visualise this heat loss, which is invisible to the eye.

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Post-shipment Inspection

Evaluating all aspects of the supply chain, product, manufacturing, and management processes potentially affecting module safety and performance. A comprehensive auditing protocol based on direct observation, stress-testing and expert review.

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Preliminary design of PV Plant

Kiwa PI Berlin will analyze various configurations for the design of the PV plant, considering aspects such as equipment options, tracking and fixed, orientation, tilt angles, row distances, DC/AC ratios, etc. A preliminary design will be created for the chosen design configuration.

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Root Cause Analysis - Racking systems

Kiwa PI Berlin will conduct the Root Cause Analysis of the issues detected on the racking system or supporting structure, mainly focusing on the study of and analysis of any issues that could jeopardize the safety or performance of the PV Plant.

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Field inspections PV systems

Around the globe, we test PV systems according to their performance and uncover faults and give recommendations on how to remedy them. Our experts have the most modern testing equipment and analysis tools at their disposal.

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment inspection of finished PV modules serves to check the modules for any obvious physical defects. Inspection is carried out on a sample basis and used to release modules for shipment.

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Auditor in field of wind energy windmill
ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management system certification with Kiwa: conserve resources, save money and mitigate climate change.

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Construction milestones approval

The milestones approval support consists on checking the payment milestones that are specified in the contract. This can be done both visiting the site and ensuring the progress of the construction achieves what stated in the milestone and reviewing remotely the contract documentation.

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Container loading check

Inspection of packaging integrity and loading of containers to ensure compliance with manufacturer specification before leaving the manufacturer’s factory or storage facility. Kiwa PI Berlin will assess the condition of the packaged modules, including pallets, packaging, and strapping.

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Factory Audits

Kiwa PI Berlin audits evaluate all aspects of the supply chain, product, manufacturing, and management processes potentially affecting module safety, reliability, and performance. Kiwa PI Berlin has developed a comprehensive auditing protocol based on direct observation, stress- testing and expert review of factory operations and successfully applied to over 1,000+ audits to date. Kiwa PI Berlin will conduct an on-site, independent audit of the equipment manufacturer manufacturing process and provide a comprehsive factory audit with the crictical, major, and minor audit findings.

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI-T) - Traceability

Unveil the secrets of your supply chain with our Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI-T) - Traceability service. Discover how we ensure the integrity and traceability of your products before they leave the factory floor. Stay ahead in quality and compliance with our expert insights

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Lab tests PV equipment

Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited. We offer independent testing of PV modules and competent support from our experts. With our wide range of tests on quality criteria and the quality assurance requirements, you get the best possible results.

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Due Diligence PV Systems

Through our experience and knowledge from our factory audits and our laboratory tests, we have developed systematic assessment of key aspects of PV systems for you. Use our expertise to carry out your PV project in the best possible way.

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Cosmetics: all kinds of lipstick colors
ISO 22716 Cosmetics - GMP - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices

ISO 22716 Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices with Kiwa: Regulations for systematic and organisational product safety and quality control to be followed throughout the manufacture of cosmetics

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SCC / SCT – Safety Certificate Contractor / Safety Certificate Temporary Workers


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Performance test of battery cells in cycles

Kiwa Primara tests battery cells for their performance in cycles - this is one of our core elements in a test. In a battery cycling test, a battery charges as well as discharged. Kiwa Primara tests your batteries according to your wishes and needs.

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ISO 27701 Certification Privacy Information Management System
ISO 22301 Business continuity management systems

ISO 22301 Business continuity management system with Kiwa: Prepare for disaster, disaster, and accident-related business disruptions.

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EPC Contracting Assistance

Kiwa PI Berlin will review the Customer’s key contracts to ensure it properly specifies the scope of work, design, construction, equipment, and acceptance testing. Focus is on contractually managing and mitigating potential safety, performance, and reliability risks for the Customer.

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ESG Audit

Conduct a complete Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) audit of the Customer’s company and one on-site facility. The Customer will be provided with a certificate in accordance with the Kiwa SEE Sustainability Standard.

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Unlock Sustainable Success with SEE-Certification's ESG Audit Services

Experience a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) audit for your company, including an on-site facility assessment. Upon successful completion, you'll be awarded a certificate in line with the Kiwa SEE Sustainability Standard.

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Building area workers
ISO 45001 Health and safety at work

ISO 45001 is a tool to systematically fulfill the legal obligation for employers to ensure the health and safety of employees and to pursue a policy aimed at achieving the best possible working conditions.

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Lifetime / MTBF

We help you to improve your product in order to increase the satisfaction of your customers and to improve your reputation sustainably.

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