What Kiwa can do for you

Seeing the invisible and preparing for the unexpected

Infographic Kiwa Inspection

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Whether mandatory or voluntary, inspections yield essential data you can use to ensure the quality, safety, efficiency and optimal operation of your equipment and your organisation. The resulting information is valuable and provides early warnings for future problems. That way, you can avoid costs or, worse, accidents and emergency breakdowns. Thus, inspections bring confidence: in your employees, production processes and assets, as well as in how you affect your environment. In other words, inspections make the invisible visible and help you prepare for the unexpected.

We inspect practically everything, practically everywhere

Our inspection services include all kinds of examination, measurement, gauging, and comparison of materials or items. We inspect practically everything, from small measuring devices to powerful pressure vessels. We carry out inspections at every level, ranging from design review, installation and manufacturing to modernisation, maintenance and in-service or batch inspections. Thus, we determine the condition of a certain material, an item, a process or a situation, and whether or not it conforms to the applicable or specified requirements, regulations and standards.

Note that Kiwa is a notified organisation for many European directives. It means we are authorised by a national accreditation body to perform inspections in compliance with international standards.

The process of inspection

You want your product, installation or a situation to be independently and impartially inspected according to a certain regime - because it's mandatory or because you have your own set of regulations. Kiwa helps you by performing all necessary inspection activities and provide you with results that make sense.