Kiwa and the hydrogen revolution

At a global level, Kiwa is already active in the hydrogen supply chain, with collaborations, analyses and feasibility studies already conducted in previous years. The target market is Northern Europe, with particular focus on the UK and the Netherlands, countries already actively involved in the hydrogen energy transition.

In addition, Kiwa has been a member since 01/10/2019 of Hydrogen Europe, the European Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, an organisation representing over 160 operators in the sector, more than 80 research centres and 21 national associations (including the Italian H2IT of which Kiwa Italia is also a member).

In recent years, Kiwa has been involved in several projects to test the feasibility of using hydrogen, including:

  • Collaboration on a feasibility study to change the gas supply for domestic and commercial users for the city of Leeds (UK).
  • Collaboration on a Europe-wide survey of the actual performance of over a thousand installations with G20, G21 and G23 test gases.
  • Collaboration with KPMG for an assessment of the potential use of hydrogen in the UK energy space.
  • Conducting a survey on the future use of hydrogen on behalf of Scottish Southern Energy plc to identify the risks that may arise from an accidental leakage of hydrogen or hydrogen mixtures into a domestic property.
  • Assessment of the feasibility of creating a hydrogen generation and distribution system to serve the public and commerce for a major engineering contractor.
  • Participation in the Hy4Heat project to determine whether it is technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances.
  • Collaboration of Kiwa Gastec with E4tech in the BEIS case study sponsored by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change on the development of a supply chain for hydrogen appliances.

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